At SCC Corporate Secretarial Services we function as Company Secretaries attending to the formalities laid down by relevant authorities such as Registrar of Companies. This includes matters relating to incorporation of companies, registration of, and filing of annual returns, share issue and transfers, attending board meetings.

Company Incorporations

Running a business is challenging enough. When it comes to formalizing a business, it is always good to bring in some expertise from the outside. We have the know-how to assist you in incorporating your company, under your leadership and direction. Talk to us, and we’ll undertake the task of creating the foundation you need, to build your dream.

Dividend Payments

Shareholders are of great importance to a business and it is the expectation of a corporate to grant a reasonable return to shareholders for their investment. Our professional team will also take care of the payment of dividends and assist you with the process including advice on statutory formalities.

Rights Issue Management

Our team of professionals will extend their expertise in managing your Rights Issue for raising of capital within regulatory frameworks and stringent time lines.